As a mama of two girls, our owner Jacqui wanted Cosmo + Capri to have a place where giving back was first and fashion was second.  Setting an example for her children is at the top of her list of things that are important to her and giving back is something she makes sure her girls understand and practice. Owning a boutique that makes mamas and their babies smile is everything, finding a way to do that and give back, is so much more. 

All tutus within the Tiny Dancer Collection  are unique to Cosmo + Capri and their respective organization. The specific tutu you purchase from The Tiny Dancer Project will then receive 20% of profits from that sale.

We hope you feel just as good as we do when we see a sale of a tutu from the Tiny Dancer Project. We also hope you use your new tutu as a conversation piece of the good work we're doing and what your support means to our charity friends. 

Hey, there mama! Let's dance together.