Embracing Our Children's Uniqueness A Journey to Nurturing Inclusion

 Hey there, mamas. Today, I want to share a story that has touched my heart and opened my eyes to the importance of creating inclusive environments for our precious little ones. It all started when my three-year-old daughter came home from preschool with a confused expression on her face, and little did I know that this incident would ignite a fire within me for change and awareness.

Picture this: my daughter, with her beautiful curly hair, approached me one morning, telling me that her teacher had asked her to tell me to "brush her hair because it's too big and poofy." My heart sank. You see, my daughter's curly locks were always a source of pride for us. They were a part of her identity, representing her mixed-race heritage and uniqueness. In fact, her first nickname, curly girlie was given because of her beautiful hair. 

In that moment, I felt a whirlwind of emotions - anger, disappointment, and an overwhelming desire to protect my child. How could someone, especially an educator, make such a thoughtless comment? Preschool should be a place where children are nurtured, where their unique qualities are celebrated, and where their self-confidence grows.

After letting my emotions settle, I decided to reach out to the school to gain some context and express my concerns. I wanted to ensure that this incident wasn't a recurring issue, and I was hopeful that the dialogue would shed light on the situation. Sadly, the conversation left me disheartened, and I realized that this wasn't the right environment for my daughter.

Amidst the challenges, my mother-in-law offered some Dove shampoo and conditioner to help manage my daughter's curly hair. As I was using the products, I noticed a message on the bottle that read, "I am caring, brilliant, and creative." It struck me that Dove wouldn't include such a message unless they knew that many children, like my daughter, had faced similar situations. Especially mixed race girls. 

Feeling disappointed and frustrated with the caregivers responsible for our little one, the shampoo products, and where I was as a mom. I couldn't help but think about the importance of understanding the impact our words and actions have on a child's self-esteem. Prior to this incident, my daughter had never asked me to do her hair because she complained it hurt; now she only did so because she felt pressured by someone else's opinion. This revelation fueled my determination for change.

I was waiting for the right time to blog and start blogging on all things mama-hood. So here’s that. To all the incredible moms out there who have experienced similar situations, I want you to know that you are not alone. It can be overwhelming to navigate these challenges, but sharing our stories is a powerful way to raise awareness and inspire change. Together, we can create a world where every child feels valued and embraced for who they are.

As mothers, we have the power to advocate for our children and ensure they grow up in environments that celebrate their uniqueness. My daughter's experience has opened my eyes to the pressing need for greater awareness and sensitivity in preschools and beyond. Let's stand together, demand better, and create a future where no child feels the need to conform to someone else's standards.

Remember, you are an incredible mother, and your love and support will help your child navigate any challenges they may face. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our children and the world they grow up in.



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